New codes added 1/1/2021, effective 4/1/2021

Under the Behavioral Health & Social Service Providers was added:

Drama Therapist
Drama therapists are trained in the intentional use of drama and theatre processes to achieve therapeutic goals. Drama therapists provide psychotherapy for individuals living with mental health and behavioral concerns that may result in psychological suffering, impaired relationships, or distress in daily activities. Drama therapy promotes wellness and healing within the context of a therapeutic relationship for individuals of varying ability levels across the lifespan. Drama therapy can take many forms depending on individual and group needs, skill and ability levels, interests, and therapeutic goals. Processes and techniques may include improvisation, theater games, storytelling, and enactment.
Source: North American Drama Therapy Association, [1/1/2021: new]

Under the Other Service Providers was added:

Health & Wellness Coach
The Health & Wellness Coach is trained in motivational theories, strategies, and communication techniques, which are used to assist patients to develop intrinsic motivation and obtain skills to create sustainable change for improved health and well-being. Health and wellness coaching is a patient-centered approach wherein patients at least partially determine their goals, use self-discovery or active learning processes together with content education to work toward their goals, and self-monitor behaviors to increase accountability, all within the context of an interpersonal relationship with a coach.
Source: National Board for Health & Wellness Coaching, [1/1/2021: new]

Under the Transportation Services was added:

Transportation Network Company
A ride-sharing company that provides prearranged or contracted non-emergency medical transportation services to patients through mobile or online technology.
Source: National Uniform Claim Committee, [1/1/2021: new]