Condition Codes

The following lists of Condition Codes are valid for use on the 1500 Health Care Claim Form and in the 837 Professional transaction.


Expanded Access and Emergency Use Authorization

90 Service provided as part of an Expanded Access (EA) approval 
91 Service provided as part of an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)

COVID-19 Claims

DR Disaster related


AA Abortion Performed due to Rape
AB Abortion Performed due to Incest
AC Abortion Performed due to Serious Fetal Genetic Defect, Deformity, or Abnormality
AD Abortion Performed due to a Life Endangering Physical Condition Caused by, Arising from or Exacerbated by the Pregnancy Itself
AE Abortion Performed due to Physical Health of Mother that is not Life Endangering
AF Abortion Performed due to Emotional/psychological Health of the Mother
AG Abortion Performed due to Social or Economic Reasons
AH Elective Abortion
AI Sterilization

Worker's Compensation

These Worker's Compensation Condition Codes are also valid for use in the 837 Dental transaction.
W2  Duplicate of original bill
W3  Level 1 appeal
W4  Level 2 appeal
W5  Level 3 appeal

The above Condition Codes have been approved by the National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) for use by the NUCC and are posted on the NUCC website with the permission of the NUBC.

Background Information

Currently, Condition Codes are designed to allow the collection of information related to the patient, particular services, service venue and billing parameters which impact the processing of an Institutional claim.  Some examples of this information are, employment status, qualified clinical trial, same day transfer, home care giver available, cost outlier and pregnancy indicator.  These codes are integral to the institutional claim, both the paper UB and the electronic 837I.

The National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) ballots and maintains these Condition Codes as part of the NUBC Universal Billing (UB) Code Set, which is an external code set..  Requests for new codes or modification of codes may be submitted through the NUBC web site at

As the health care industry prepared for HIPAA implementation, it became apparent that conditional information, not available in the claim formats, was needed to effectively process claims in an electronic format.  In 2002, several requests were entered into the DSMO process for changes to the 837 Professional transaction.  The NUCC in reviewing the DSMO requests agreed that the functionality provided by the Condition Codes could potentially be an asset to the 1500 Health Care Claim Form and approved the constrained use of Condition Codes.  In agreement with the NUBC, requirements for the creation of a subset of the Condition Codes for use in the professional claim were developed and license granted by NUBC for publication of the subset of codes by NUCC.  Because of legal ramifications and rules for federal financial participation (FFP) with state Medicaid programs, the NUCC approved the Condition Codes for abortion and sterilization as part of the NUCC data set and the X12 Claims workgroup voted to add these codes to the claim level starting with version 004050 of the 837 Professional Health Care Claim.  The Condition Codes may be reported in field 10D of the 1500 Claim Form.  However, entities reporting these codes should refer to the most current instructions for any federal, state, or individual payment specific instructions that may be applicable to the 1500 Claim Form.