Modified codes 1/1/2018

The following codes have had a URL added to their definition:
207LH0002X, 207LP3000X, 207NS0135X, 207PH0002X, 207QH0002X, 207QB0002X, 207QS1201X, 202C00000X, 207RH0002X, 207RH0005X, 207RB0002X, 207RS0012X, 209800000X, 207VH0002X, 207VB0002X, 207WX0109X, 207WX0110X, 207WX0200X, 204E00000X, 207XP3100X, 207YS0012X, 208VP0000X, 207ZC0008X, 2080H0002X, 2080B0002X, 2080S0012X, 202K00000X, 2081P0301X, 2081H0002X, 2083B0002X, 2084P0802X, 2084P0301X, 2084P0804X, 2084N0600X, 2084D0003X, 2084F0202X, 2084P0805X, 2084H0002X, 2084N0400X, 2084N0402X, 2084B0002X, 2084P0800X, 2084P0015X, 2084S0012X, 2084V0102X, 2085D0003X, 2085H0002X, 2086H0002X.

There has been a general cleanup of the content removing characters that are sometimes difficult to display in all media. For example, "curly" quotes have been replaced with "straight" quotes.