If using Internet Explorer, click on the titles to expand that node, or click the red text reading: Open All to display the entire list. After you have expanded the list, you can search for specific text within the list by clicking the Edit menu on the toolbar, and then selecting Find (on this Page)... option.

Within the list are links labeled [definition] — clicking one of those will display additional information about that node in the right frame.

Let's say you are looking for the Health Care Provider Taxonomy code set value for a general dentist. The list is displayed simply at first:

A general dentist is an "Individual" and clicking on the term "Individual or Groups (of Individuals)" expands the node as in the illustration below:

The Health Care Provider Taxonomy code set list is an ordered system of groups and categories indicating relationships. Naturally, a general dentist is found by clicking the term "Dental Providers" and doing so displays the following:

Note that a indicates that there are more specific specialties and codes belonging to the term that are not visible until you click on that term. A indicates that there are no codes below the node, while a indicates that all codes within the node are displayed. To collapse a node that displays a minus sign, click the term. In the illustration above notice that "Dentist" has additional specialties below it and clicking the term displays those additional specialties as in the illustration below:

This is the lowest level in the list known as "Level III Area of Specialization" and "General Practice" is listed as code "1223G0001X". To verify that this code is what you will select, click the [definition] link to display a definition:

Not every code will display a definition. If you wish to propose a definition, review the information found here indicating which code you are defining along with the proposed definition.